We’re constantly told how important a good nights sleep is; it re-charges us and sets us up for the day ahead. However, we all know so many people who don’t get a nourishing nights sleep, in fact, you could be that person.

One thing that can affect your ability to sleep is when light comes through into the room and wakes you up. A great way to help with this is to use blackout curtains. Made with thick material and "three-pass" lining (compared to the cheaper two-pass lining found elsewhere) these curtains really can help.

You would be mistaken to think that these curtains only come in black. In fact, they are available in a range of colours. At Curtains4u we realise that every home is different and a “one colour fits all” approach simply doesn’t work. Curtains need to be as beautiful as they are functional – including blackout curtains.

We currently have some great offers on our blackout curtains. Take our Dotty ready-made Blackout Curtains in Rose, these lovely pair of curtains evoke a spring feel; and they are on offer, allowing you to save up to 20% on the recommended retail price. Ideal for any room in the home, the thermal coating on these curtains can help you save energy. They feature a 3-inch tape heading, and are mostly polyester. As well as pink for these style of curtains, we also offer blue, taupe and green. The subtle polka-dot pattern suits almost every home, and will blend seamlessly with your interiors.

However, if a dotty pattern is too much, then fear not. Check out these Norfolk Norfolk Ready Made Blackout Curtains in pink. Like the aforementioned design, they are 100% light-blocking, and also have a 3-inch heading. In addition, these curtains can be enhanced with matching tiebacks (sold separately). They're fabulous for adding that big splash of colour but as the same time, serve the functional purpose

You will see that we offer a wide range of blackout curtains for you and your home. If you have any questions about any of our products, please get in touch with our team.