Initially, when you begin looking at buying curtains online, it can seem a bit confusing.

But don't let this put you off! Buying curtains online allows you to save money - and who doesn't want to save some cash?

Here's some tips we've put together to make the process of buying curtains online a little easier.

Measure the width correctly

Make sure you measure your window so you know what size curtains to order. To accurately measure your curtains, check out our measuring guide.

Some points worth noting

- It's always worth measuring the whole width of a track or pole (excluding the finial).

- if you haven't got a pole or track to measure, measure the width of the window's recess and add a minimum of 6 inches/15 cm. More space might be required for heavy fabrics.

....and the height

Also think about the height you want. Do you want your curtains to hang just below the window sill or sit just above the floor?

How high is your track going to be placed above the window? Remember that hanging curtains higher than the window will give a greater sense of height to the room. These are little things to play around with.

See the measuring guide for a full explanation on how to measure for curtains. And please give us a shout if you have any questions!

Curtain Headings

Think about what type of curtain headings you're after.

If you're not sure which to go for, a simple thing to do is be nosy. Look at the heading types at your family and friend's homes.

Narrow your search

The choice of curtains online can be overwhelming. So, many websites allow you to filter the curtains you see.

You will usually see something like this on the left side of the page...

This lets you tick if you only want to see brown coloured curtains, that have a particular width and striped pattern for example.

Play around with this until you see something you like.

The right brand

Ensure that the curtains you're buying are from a reputable brand in the curtain industry. A quality reputation usually means quality curtains.

Some of the brands you will find on are Dreams n Drapes, Montgomery, Pavillion, and Ashley Wilde.

Look for sales

If you're on a budget, check out a website's clearance section, typically, these are curtains that haven't been as popular as other curtains. The quality should still be good. And sometimes, you can grab your self some fab deals.

Delivery Guide

Be sure to check out a websites delivery guide and postage prices, curtain fabrics can be very heavy. See if there is one set price so that no matter how much pairs you order, you'll only ever pay the same amount?

Contact the company

If you have more questions, get in contact with the company. Buying curtains is quite an investment, so companies will have teams who are ready to answer your questions. If you can't call them, check out their Facebook pages and other social media websites.