Curtain poles are fixtures used in order to suspend or hang curtains above a window frame, and can often be decorative to help furnish a room. Many people underestimate the importance of curtain poles when it comes to decorating, and there are a number of different options and styles to consider.

For rooms which are styled traditionally, wooden curtain poles are generally considered to be a good choice. Wooden curtain poles tend to compliment more classically furnished dwellings, and a well-designed wooden curtain pole can bring a touch of natural sophistication to the home. Tab top curtains are complimented perfectly by wooden curtain poles, and allow the pole itself to be the main central feature of the curtains. Wooden curtain poles are also ideal for heavy lined curtains, as they are often durable enough to hold heavier weighted fabrics. It’s possible to get wooden curtain poles in all manner of finishes and colours to suitably match the ambiance of the room.

For a more contemporary look, it’s worth considering metal curtain poles. Metal poles are usually quite simple in design terms, making them perfect for a sleek, minimalist, contemporary look. Metal curtain poles are ideal for eyelet curtains as they allow for the metal-edged holes to glide smoothly along the curtain pole, reducing any friction that might be encountered with wooden poles. Metal curtain poles are generally lightweight and incredibly durable, and are available to suit all budgets.

Eyelet curtains generally feature metal-edged holes. Eyelet curtain poles allow for the curtains to be pulled closed easily, and are typically floor length. Certain types of eyelet curtains feature a matching top section which obscures the eyelet curtain poles and metal-edged holes from view. Some types of eyelet curtains allow a curtain pole to be inserted through the holes.

Holdbacks for curtains offer practicality in the home. Holdbacks allow for tie-back curtains to be safely and securely fastened to the wall, ensuring that your curtains are held in their desired positions. Designs of curtain holdbacks can vary, both in aesthetics and practicality. There are a huge number of contemporary and traditional designs available to choose from, in all manner of shapes, styles and colours.

Regardless of which type of curtains you choose to make use of, there are a multitude of different designs and styles to select, ensuring that finding the perfect curtain poles for your household is easy.