Windows, as we know, are the central part of the room. Yet, they’re often neglected. But they shouldn’t be, and I think we need to think of curtains as items that create the mood of your room.

Of course, when selecting curtains you need to be confident that you’re using a brand you trust. Montgomery curtains continue to be a best seller and there’s no surprise why. Montgomery are recognised as a leading manufacturer of premier soft furnishings in the UK. People are often drawn to their range of made to measure and ready-made curtains.

Made to measure curtains are great as they allow you to get that precise size you need. Furthermore, the made to measure collection offers everything from beautiful fuschia prints that would hang beautifully in a dining room, to this rich Bahamas russet style that would look gorgeous in a living room. A great way to think about what colour you prefer is think about your personality. For me, the need to create a luxurious feel in my living room is important, so rich browns would be my curtain of choice, such as these pair of luna designed curtains.

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Montgomery also offer a fabulous range of ready made curtains, and you will see that alterations are available on those too. For example, you can alter the drop and change the curtain heading to eyelet. We’ve tried to be as varied as possible with our range. So if for example you’re wanting curtains with some attitude this floral pair would be ideal; or if you’re after something more seductive these vogue ready curtains are perfect Again, it comes to personal choice and what mood you're trying to create. At the moment, spring is inspiring many, especially as we've had just cold months, so brighter curtains will be what you're after.

When picking curtains it’s important to measure correctly, check out this measuring guide here