Measuring Guide

How to Measure for Curtain’s

It is advisable to use a metal tape measure were possible when measuring for curtains. The width is always the first measurement given, for example 46”x 54” (117cm x 137cm) means that each curtain is 46 inches (117cm) wide by 54 inches (137cm) drop.  All curtains are sold as a pair unless stated otherwise.  

Measuring Guide Video

This video will talk you through the steps on how to measure for readymade and made to measure curtains to ensure you chose the correct size curtains for your window fitting:

Width (all heading types)

It is important to measure the whole width of a track or pole (excluding the finial).  If a window has no pole or track to measure, measure the width of the window recess and add a minimum of 6 inches (15cm) to allow the curtains to rest when open.  More space may be required for heavy fabrics.

Curtain Guide 1

Curtain Guide 2

For Ready Made curtains the width of the pole/track wants to be roughly the same size as one curtain. When a pole width falls in between the standard size widths (46”,66” or 90”) it depends on how full the curtains need to be.

We would recommend you use the following guide line, which would result in a full look with the right amount of gather;

To fit Track/Pole
Up to 48"
(122 - 168cm)
(168 - 228cm)
Curtain Size


Measuring For Curtain Drop

Curtains are best hung either to the floor, to a sill or below the sill. We recommend that curtains finish either:- A) 1cm above the floor B) 15-20cm below the sill (or 2cm above the radiator) C) 1cm above the sill Always measure in at least 3 positions across the track or pole as floors and sills are rarely level. To avoid curtains dragging across the floor or sill we recommend you use the shortest of these 3 measurements.

Pencil Pleat Heading

When using a curtain track, measure from the top of the track to where the curtain is to finish. When using a curtain pole, measure from the underside of the decorative ring to where you want the curtain to finish (see figure 5).

Curtain Pole Guide

Eyelet Heading

The eyelet will fit poles up to 30mm in diameter. The inner edge of the eyelet is set down 3cm from the top of the curtain. Measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish and add 3cm (see fig 6).

If a track or pole has yet to be fitted it is worth allowing a minimum of 3-5 inches (8-12cm) above the window when measuring.

If no carpet is down and one is to be fitted, measure to a minimum of 1 inch (2-3cm) above the floor. Curtains can hang between the window and floor if desired. 

In some older houses, ceilings, floors and windows may not be level so it is worth making sure that the pole or track is positioned correctly according to the eye rather than a spirit level so as to avoid an uneven look at the window. 

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